Construction/ Cladding claims and disputes


There's a storm coming in the construction industry. If you need independent legal advice on your position or on any disputes such as constructions contracts act claims, retention claims and cladding related issues contact us.


Storm Damage

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Stormy weather across NZ! Have you suffered storm damage? Following the storm and once it is safe, take photos of any damage to your house or land and make an EQC and/or insurance claim ASAP. Also be prepared to expect travel disruptions and delay any unnecessary travel. If you have any queries about emergency repairs or your insurance coverage or claim we may be able to assist you or your business.


P Contamination - Puzzled as to your insurance cover and got tenancy issues?

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P Contamination (Methamphetamine)


Flood and storm damage

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Affected by recent flood and storm adverse weather events? Has your insurance claim been declined or not fully covered? Has your property been affected due to landslip, flood or storm surge damage? Have your business operations been interrupted? If you require legal advice on your rights and entitlements under your insurance policy or for land damage we may be able to assist. Contact us for a 30 minute free no obligation consultation via phone or in person. Book an appointment through the contact us page.


Its not too late to challenge your revised property valuation

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If you wish to object to your revised property valuation or weathertightness revaluation, you can challenge it by lodging an objection with the Council. In Auckland, the time period expired at 5pm on 16 January 2018 and you will now need to file a late objection if you wish to challenge it.


Who's Got Your Back?

Uber airbnb

Are you covered under your insurance policy as an Uber driver or Airbnb host in the event of an accident or damage to your property?


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Kate Sheehan Lawyers are pleased to announce we have a new website. Take a look and let us know what you think.


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