EQC / Land Compensation

Earthquake, Flood, Landslip, land valuation disputes, Public Works Act.

EQC / Land Compensation


We are experts in providing legal advice in relation to claims for land damage following natural disaster and adverse weather events such as an earthquake, flood, fire landslip and storm. The Earthquake Commission (EQC) essentially provides the first layer of insurance cover for residential homeowners up to a capped amount of $100,000 plus GST. A claim must be made within 3 months from the date of the event. Following a claim being lodged, EQC will then assess the damage to the land and house. A dispute may arise as to the amount or the way in which the damage has been assessed and valued.  If this occurs please contact us to see how we can assist.

Land Valuation Disputes

Following a natural disaster event, the relevant Council may reassess the value of the land and you may be entitled to additional compensation. If a dispute arises as to the re-assessed value please contact us.

Compulsory acquisition

If you have been notified or an intended compulsory acquisition of land (partial or full) under the Public Works Act 1986, please contact us to obtain independent legal advice.  We act for landowners and will act in your best interests in providing you with strategic advice.