Construction / Property Disputes

Construction Contracts, Earthquake Strengthening, Council issues, Body Corporate issues, Defective Products, Faulty workmanship, Leaky Buildings, Tenancy disputes, Real Estate Agents.

Construction / Property Disputes

We act for clients in relation to construction related claims and property disputes including:


Construction Disputes

We provide expert advice and act in relation to disputes arising from residential or commercial building and construction, Construction Contracts Act issues, Payment Disputes, Building warranty issues.


Earthquake Strengthening

We are familiar with the new requirements relating to the earthquake strengthening of structures and buildings.  We can provide you with legal advice and refer you to experts to assist in the preparation of reports to meet the new requirements.


Council issues

Legal advice on situations where a Council may be liable for a loss suffered.


Body Corporates

Advice to Body Corporates, Unit Titles Act 2010, Recovery of levies.


Defective products and Faulty Workmanship

We provide legal advice and act for clients in relation to defective product claims and other issues which may arise as a result of such claims for example contamination scares, environmental pollution, product recalls, business, personal injury and health issues.  We also provide legal advice in relation to faulty workmanship issues and act for clients in relation to any potential claims arising as a result.


Leaky buildings

Legal advice and representation on leaky building claims and weathertight issues.


Tenancy Disputes

We provide advice and act in relation to disputes under the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and insurance issues related to P contamination.