Class Actions

Class Actions, Representative actions, litigation funding.

Class Actions

Class Actions, Representative Actions

Kate Sheehan has significant experience and involvement in some of the country’s largest plaintiff based class or representative based court actions.

Kate has a particular interest in the development of class or representative actions in New Zealand to ensure that the majority of people can continue to access justice due to the increased expense, costs awards and inherent risks in litigation.

In addition to our in-house expertise, we work with senior barristers or QC's and experts to ensure that the claim is meritorious and so that it progresses to trial as defendants will likely try to hold claims up with numerous interlocutory applications or try to strike claims out before they have had a chance to be pursued.

Kate also has an interest in the development of proposed amendments to the High Court Rules in terms of the way in which class or representative actions may be commenced in New Zealand.

Litigation Funding

We have relationships with litigation funders who may possibly be able to provide financial backing.

If you think that a matter could possibly be brought as a class or representative action or if you require litigation funding, please contact Kate Sheehan directly.